Saturday, February 9, 2008

February 9, 2008

Got up this morning and decided to ride to Murfreesboro to try the hot dogs at Walter's Grill. I had seen another WRAL Tarheel Traveler feature on hot dogs there and wanted to try them out. Also wanted to visit Medoc Mountain State Park and do a hike there.

Got on the bike and headed east on Hwy 42. Rode to I-95 and turned north to Hwy 97. Got on Hwy 97 and basically stayed on it all the way to Murfreesboro. Along the way, I went through Scotland Neck, a town I had never visited, and was pleasantly surprised at the street layout there. Between the northbound and southbound lanes was a parking area, with the parking spaces perpendicular to the traffic. NEAT! The town had a friendly feel to it as well.

Got to Murfreesboro and found Walters Grill using the GPS. Took a couple pics and went inside to eat. Ordered 2 dogs all the way and sweet tea. The hot dogs were great--probably in the top 10 I've eaten. Talked with the waitress and mentioned the TV feature. She told the owner I was visiting because of the TV feature, so he came over to chat.

When he learned where I started, he seemed amazed I had ridden that far (107 miles) so quickly (about 2 hours). I really didn't ride fast; just kept moving.

When I finished the dogs, he asked if I was planning to visit their museums. I replied that I might, but didn't know where they were. He proceeded to tell me about them and encouraged me to visit them before leaving town.

I rode to the first one, the Jeffcoate Museum at the end of Liberty Street. Went inside and learned that a proper visit would take about 2.5 hours (more time than I wanted to spend). The operator gave me a couple of brochures about a barbecue festival held in May and encouraged me to come back then, eat barbecue, and take in the museum. I hope to do that.

The other museum holds an airplane that is supposed to be the oldest plane in existence (or so I'm told) and a Gatling gun. I'd like to see that as well, but it was not open yet.

So, I headed north on a county road to go into Virginia (just so I could say I rode to Virginia) and then turned west-south west towards Medoc Mountain.

Got to Medoc Mountain State Park, took a couple pics, and rode to the visitor center to park. Changed into tennis shoes and went for a 45 minute hike on several of the trails. Walked almost to the summit (now I wish I had gone to the summit) and back along a pretty creek to the bike.

Changed back into boots, put on the Roadcrafter, and started back towards home.

The ride home was uneventful.

Weather was terrific. Temperature when I left home was about 45 degrees; when I arrived home about 65 degrees. Wonderful weather for February!!

The odometer showed 266 miles when I parked the RT. A great day for a good ride for a good hot dog. I'll go back to Murfreesboro again.