Friday, January 18, 2008


Did a ride today, partly to evaluate different layering on a cold day. It was damp and cloudy, right at 40 degrees when I left home. Wore the Roadcrafter over a black Lands End jacket (nylon and fleece, medium/heavy weight) over a sweater over silk long undershirt. Jeans over long johns. Winter socks. Heavy winter Held gloves.

Rode about an hour. Started with chilly hands and toes. They only got worse as I rode. Had the grips on low at first and then changed to high. Learned that starting cold, they would not improve.

Had lunch with a friend and warmed up hands and toes over lunch.

Rode back with grips on high. Hands and feet stayed warm, but temps were a little warmer at about42-44 degrees. Also learned that resting balls of feet on pegs keep feet warmer.

Upper body stayed warm both ways, but felt bulky with the jacket and sweater. Need to try a lighter jacket next time!

Total ride was 125 miles and took just over 2 hours total.

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